WILLIAMKATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual AntiSlip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF

WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF
  • rubber and plastics
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY MATERIAL:This slipper use rubber and plastics material can make the slipper more durable, and flower pattern design of the soles can achieve slip-resistance.
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: This slipper is mainly use at home,after wearing a day out of the street, or work outside a day, wear this pair of slipper can make their feet fully relaxed, soft touch home slippers can help you soothe the pressure of the foot
  • DIFFICULT DEFORMATION: the designer through the precise calculation to ensure that this slipper ensure that no deformation on the basis of comfortable and soft, the shose is made of rubber, not easy to deformation,you can wear long time
  • GOOD GIFT: curve and wave design, solid color, casual style is very suitable for home. Share it as a gift for your friends or your family or your lover that couldn’t be better
  • Suitable for: This shoe has a lot of colors, blue, pink for ladies, gray and green fit for men
WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF WILLIAM&KATE Unisex Couple Slippers Summer Casual Anti-Slip Slippers Indoor Floor Sandal Bath Slipper Pink kcBXOF

Abundant Genealogy offers amazing genealogy and family history resources for FREE from educator and author Thomas MacEntee

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Posted By: Easy Spirit Womens Gizela3 Ballet Flat Champagne/Champagne/Champagne fahF30b
12 June 2017

At some point in the research process, every genealogist needs to transcribe a document. At times, the document is a one-of-a-kind item that can be accessed only in person at an archive or repository. In many other cases, a document has been scanned as an image, but has not been converted into usable text. Here is an overview of websites, apps, and software that can be leveraged to quickly and easily transcribe handwritten and difficult-to-read documents.

A variety of tech tools is available to genealogists when it comes to transcribing documents. Jordan Nike Mens Running Training TShirt Platinum/Black z8Aq9

Transcript GenScriber Kindex Dragon Naturally Speaking Dragon Mobile Assistant Google Voice Typing

In this digital age where most written communication is done with a keyboard, not only has writing by hand become a lost art, many fear that the ability to read cursive writing will also be lost. While genealogists may still be able to read their own handwriting, reading the handwriting of ancestors can be difficult. What may appear as indecipherable is actually due to viewing the handwriting through the modern eye. Tools are needed to help understand letters and diaries written prior to the twentieth century.

Researchers need skills in reviewing cursive writing and also need to place the writing in context due to the use of slang, abbreviations, and spelling styles in use at the time.

GenealogyInTime Magazine has compiled an extensive list of tools entitled “How to Read Old Handwriting” ( Hoxekle Womens Increased height Walking Tennis Sneakers Non Slip Laces up Athletic Wedge Running Shoes White PUCcK
), with tutorials and more to build skills for reading and transcribing handwriting.

GenealogyInTime Magazine

Looking to practice transcribing skills while at the same time giving back to the genealogy and archival records communities? Check out the Transcribe | Citizen Archivist page at the National Archives and Records Administration website ( InterestPrint Womens Loafers Classic Casual Canvas Slip On Fashion Shoes Sneakers Flats Dream Catcher With Sky at Sunset Dream Catcher 8nd0Ie59D

Transcribe | Citizen Archivist

Set up an account and select a Transcription Mission. Current missions include documents from the JFK assassination, records related to Eleanor Roosevelt, and the Cowen Report (eyewitness reports of anti-Jewish persecution in Russia during the early twentieth century). Volunteers can even help complete the transcription of records that have not been finished by other participants.

Another interesting project is Old Weather ( Moxie Trades Womens Vegas Black Full Grain Leather SnE6Qii
) on the Zooniverse web-platform. Volunteers work to transcribe historic ship logs from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries to build a database of historic weather facts and figures. Ship logs are handwritten and often contain stories about the voyage besides weather information.

Notably, when the 1891 New Mexico Territorial Legislature appropriated $1,200 "to catalogue, number, index, bind, and translate the old Spanish and Mexican archives," Bandelier was hired for the job. Bandelier indicated that he had finished arranging the archives on 25 June 1891, but aside from a list of 1074 documents, a list which is no longer extant, no translations or index have surfaced. Nearly $2000 was appropriated by the legislature in 1891 and 1893 and additional expenses were paid from the Governor's contingency funds for the project. Satin Ribbon Bow Closed Toe Faux Suede Stiletto Heel Pump Black T4qSW

In 1888 the archives were moved from the Palace of the Governors, where they had been kept for nearly two centuries, to the recently completed Territorial capitol building. NIKE Mens Flex Experience 7 Running Shoe Midnight Navy Light Carbon TmpUoJ
There seems to have been a collective sigh of relief from all concerned. New Mexico's archives were at last within a secure building where they would be safe from the elements.

Ironically, after surviving the previous centuries of leaky roofs, neglect, and vandalism, the archives soon came close to being completely destroyed in the one place where all agreed they were safe at last. In 1892, the new capital was destroyed by a fire which has often been described as being "of suspicious origins." Quick action by librarian Facundo Pino and historian Twitchell, as well as others who knew where the archives were being stored, saved them from sure destruction. Books from the library were destroyed, along with a number of Pino's personal possessions, but the Spanish and Mexican archives escaped unharmed and were temporarily stored in a vault at the Santa Fe County Courthouse. Fergalicious Womens Westin Ankle Bootie Doe kg8113DbcE

By 1900 the archives had been transferred from the facilities provided by the County of Santa Fe to the second new capitol building, where they were placed in a "fire-proof" vault in the office of the Territorial Secretary. Caterpillar Mens Deplete Waterproof Boot Black PmoUIMd
Soon, however, Secretary George H. Wallace complained they were taking up too much space in the vault and suggested that if arrangements for their removal and preservation were not made soon, he would be forced to store them in the basement to make room for current records. Diadora Mens N92 Skate Shoe Saltire Navy ttFDazus

At this time, Territorial Librarian José Segura and Secretary Wallace had noted that in addition to the space they were occupying, the old documents were showing signs of deterioration from frequent use and handling. According to Segura, their condition in 1898 had prompted Professor Elliot Coues of Washington, D.C., to suggest that he be allowed to take the entire collection to Washington. Coues proposed to arrange and translate the documents, after which he would return them to New Mexico along with a hundred copies of the translations. Secretary Wallace noted that such action was prohibited by territorial law but suggested that if the legislature gave their endorsement, Professor Coues's proposal could be a solution to the chronic problem of caring for the archives while still making them available to the public. HarleyDavidson Mens Danby Boot Black a0rE3no

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Herding Cats at BarkBox

Barkbox had been partnering with animal shelters across the U.S. and Canada to sell their subscription boxes to new puppy parents, with commissions helping to fund these rescue organizations. The program was a hit, but managing communication and logistics for thousands of independent, volunteer-run organizations -- not to mention writing each one a check every quarter -- was a time-consuming proposition.

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